HRS Special Pricing On CES Products

By Paul Blizel

If you have been considering adding an HRS isolation base or isolation rack, now is the time to act! Products used at CES 2015 are now available at Analog Audio at a significantly reduced price. This is your golden opportunity to pick up the best energy mitigation/resonance management products in the business! These HRS products are “first come-first serve” and won’t last long.

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Current Product Availability:

HRS R1X Bases

R1X-1921-B  Black 19″ x 21″ QTY: 4  CES Price $995

R1X-1719-B  Black 17″ x 19″ QTY: 1  CES Price $995

HRS R3X Bases

R3X-1921-B  Black 19″ x 21″ QTY: 1  CES Price $1185

HRS S1 Bases

S1-1921-B  Black 19″ x 21″ QTY: 3  CES Price $1865

S1-1921-S  Silver 19″ x 21″ QTY: 1  CES Price $1865

S1-1719-S  Silver 17″ x 19″ QTY: 1  CES Price $1780

HRS M3X Bases

M3X-1921-B  Black 19″ x 21″ QTY: 3  CES Price $2465

M3X-2123-B  Black 21″ x 23″ QTY: 2  CES Price $2885

RXR Racks

RXR-1921-3V-B with additional primary support to make four tier rack with a three tier height Black 19″ x 21″ QTY: 1  CES Price $4385

RXR-1921-3T3-M  Maple 19″ x 21″ Double Wide Three Shelf (6 total shelves)
QTY: 1  CES Price $6621

Contact us today and take advantage of these great prices!