Tidal WAV Music of the Week October 15, 2015

By Paul Blizel

Slicked-back hair and Rockabilly were the name of the game in the 50’s. Music was pouring out of Sun Studios and all were hoppin’ and boppin’ to great rock and roll. Where did it go?

<Fast forward 60 years> Oklahoma native JD McPherson is reintroducing the genre to a whole new audience: your kids. His latest release Let The Good Times Roll is a fabulous blend of toe tapping rockabilly melded with modern crunchy guitar licks.

This record is nothing but fun. Don’t listen to it expecting an audiophiles deamscape of textures and sounds. There is no deep meaning to any of the songs. But I guarantee by the time you are done you will be dancing with your wife in the living room.

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