Rockport Cygnus Loudspeaker

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It is not an exaggeration to say that the Cygnus sounded spectacular. It emphasized in-room presence, bass drive and heft, sound staging precision and recording-venue ambience — an engaging combination of truth and beauty.

Product Description

Rockport Cygnus Specifications

Woofer:(2) 10" carbon fiber sandwich composite
Midrange:6" carbon fiber sandwich composite
Tweeter:1" beryllium dome
Weight:285 lbs. each
Frequency Response:20-30Khz, -3db
Nominal Impedance:4 ohms
Sensitivity:90db SPL/2.83v
Minimum Amplification Power:50 watts

Analog Audio's Review of the Rockport Cygnus Speaker

The Cygnus is the latest in a long line of benchmark setting loudspeakers from Rockport Technologies. Placed between the Avior and the Altair, the Cygnus borrows features found in both speakers and melds them into a speaker that not only performs along side the finest loudspeakers in the world, but does so at a very attractive price point.

There are both similarities and differences with the Rockport Atria and Avior. The Cygnus’s main cabinet is similar in its use of multiple layer constrained-mode damped MDF including substantial internal bracing. This design both greatly stiffens the enclosure and breaks up structure generated and acoustic modes. The Cygnus further improves this design by integrating a sub-baffle made of Aluminum/MDF hybrid construction made of two 3/4″ thick aluminum plates sandwiching a proprietary viscoelastic polymer creating a 1-1/2″ constrained-mode damped composite base which is mated with the three inch thick MDF baffle. The drive units are mounted to the aluminum sub-baffle resulting in a lower noise floor and provides greater  dynamics and musicality.

For improved bass response, Rockport designed and built a new ten inch driver made from a proprietary carbon fiber/sandwich composite material and placed them in a cabinet with over 50% more volume than the Avior. The newly designed three inch diameter motor system provides a substantial improvement in dynamic range and power handling as compared to its smaller siblings. Although larger, the new ten inch woofers found in the Cygnus share the same ultra-low distortion and improved mechanical properties found in the Avior/Atria drivers. The larger dual bass drivers on the Cygnus plumb into the lowest octave and offer bass not seen on speakers of this size.

Although the Cygnus offers substantial improvements in cabinet design and bass response, one area remains similar to other Rockport speakers: the beryllium tweeter. To further improve this outstanding tweeter, Rockport has mounted it in a custom machined aluminum waveguide which improves acoustic impedance on the lower end of its frequency range. This waveguide appreciably reduces distortion and improves dynamic expression. The waveguide also improves dispersion of the tweeter allowing for a smoother transition with the midrange driver, further increasing the ease and naturalness of the music. The precision machined waveguide is anodized and offers a brilliant sheen making it a focal point on the speaker.

If you have been floored by the performance of the Atria and Avior but want more, take time to audition the Cygnus from Rockport Technologies. The trademark engineering, look and most of all, sound, deserve to be heard and are worthy of your attention. We promise the Cygnus all transport you to a new place and set the standard for music reproduction.

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