Rockport Technologies Avior

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It had even tonal balance, it was very coherent across the entire frequency band, and it reproduced transient attack with lightning-fast speed. The speakers also seemed to have a very low inherent noise floor — music just emerged from the space around them…It’s that good, and at a really good price. Jeff Fritz –

Product Description

Rockport Avior Specifications

Woofers: (2) 9” carbon fiber sandwich composite
Midrange: 6” carbon fiber sandwich composite
Tweeter: 1” beryllium dome
Internal wiring: Transparent Audio
Height: 46.5”
Width (base): 15”
Depth (base): 24.5”
Weight: 220 lbs. each
Frequency Response: 25-30Khz, -3db
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 89.5db spl/2.83v
Minimum Amplification Power: 50 watts


Analog Audio's Review Of The Rockport Avior Speakers

“The King is dead but he’s not forgotten”… Neil Young always has such a great way with words. No, this page isn’t about Johnny Rotten, it’s about the Rockport Avior speakers. Released at CES 2012 the Aviors introduced the first Rockport speakers with Rockport designed woofer and mid drivers. To put it mildly, it turned the Rockport product line upside down. Up till then, Rockport speakers were famous for their sound, but at a price. You better get the checkbook out and make sure it is well stocked. But the Avior introduced a speaker that competed with models all the way up to the Altair, and did so at a much lower price.

The reason? Well, it isn’t from a new magical cabinet design. Andy Payor has long held that enclosures need mass to make them inert and has successfully proved that theory with each speaker he has released. Perhaps a new crossover design? Nope, same Rockport designed components went into the Avior crossover as other models. What is different is the driver design. For the first time, Rockport is using an internally designed driver based on carbon sandwich technology. This carbon sandwich offers an amazingly rigid driver but at the same time incredibly light. The results are lightning fast response and a coherence that has to be heard to be believed. This new driver simply put the Avior’s into a league of speakers costing a whole lot more.

Made from MDF rather than the traditional three part composite cabinet, the Avior still is a massive beast. Weighing in at 220 lbs each, they look like a traditional Rockport speaker. Inside you will find the traditional massive bracing and engineering one would expect in a Rockport speaker. The crossovers are individually voiced by Andy Payor for each set going out the door and they continue to use only custom or select components for the crossover network. To maintain the price point, Rockport only offers the speaker in high gloss piano black. One would think that this is a limitation, but one look at the finish and we guarantee that you will be very content with these speakers in your living space. The depth of the black is unmatched by anything I have seen including my Bechstein grand piano.

I bet you are wondering what they sound like. Well, for starters, tonality and timbre has never sounded so right in my listening space before. And the lower the frequency of the music,the better it gets. Ray Brown has never sounded so alive and so real before. The attack and the decay are simply fantastic. With such a strong foundation, the Avior is able to cohesively build on the bass and offer a musical sound scape that is uncanny. The massive cabinet allows for the speakers to perform a disappearing act like I have not experienced, music fills the room and provides a canvas that is free of bias or directionality. In short, Rockport Aviors are spectacular.

Big talk for such affordable speakers. There is only one way to know if what we are saying is true or a truckload of B.S., come on by and listen for yourself. Bring your torture tracks. Bring your reference materials. But most of all, bring an attitude that this whole hobby is about music and not technical details. We are sure you will agree that the Rockport Avior is a technically superior speaker, but you will fall in love with what it does with your music.