HRS RXR Isolation Stand-CES 2013

By Paul Blizel

HRS RXR Rack Photos From CES 2013

Harmonic Resolution Systems has finally released its the RXR Isolation stand originally shown at last years CES show. The original design was impressive and the final release included minor structural and aesthetic changes. Designed with a combination of hard maple and metal, the RXR carries a lower price point than the SXR and MXR, looks gorgeous and includes outstanding isolation management. The RXR is available in three colors: burgundy, white maple and ebony but only the white and ebony were on display at the CES. Both look great, but I was really drawn to the ebony. HRS always is a leader in quality and this model is no different. Although it carries a lower price point, the overall fit and finish was as good as any rack I have ever seen.

Below are a few pictures I snapped of the RXR. If there are any questions about functionality, please contact us. We are always happy to help.


RXR Ebony

RXR Ebony Rack Side View

My original order  was for the burgundy color. It only took a few minutes evaluating the ebony to change my order. Burgundy was out and ebony was in. It has a very rich look and is finished in a deep gloss. Notice the nice routed edges of the side frame to give the piece a more finished look. Click on the picture to see a larger view.








RXR Blonde

 Blonde maple 3 x 2 RXR Rack

Like the SXR, the RXR rack is modular and can be assembled to meet your needs. In the picture at left, a three high by 2 wide rack sits 32″ high yet offers six shelves. It also allows users to adjust shelf positions and add more if necessary.








RXR Blonde close up

Blonde Maple Close Up

A great view of the design and build of the RXR rack. Notice the nicely machined pockets for the bolts. The unit employs metal side and cross frames and is wrapped in high quality hard maple and is available in three colors: burgundy, white maple and ebony. The RXR is the first HRS rack that utilizes a single bed for the isolation racks to rest in rather than individual pockets. This feature allows for maximum flexibility in isolation base size and positioning.