Event Details

Join us Saturday December 7th at 2PM to hear Oliver Masciarotte discuss digital music and the role of digital domain equalization for audiophiles.

Heresy! An audiophile use equalization? Never!

Wanna bet? Well known author and industry insider Oliver Masciarotte will join us to discuss advancements in the use of equalization in the digital domain and how it is possible to correct flaws and imperfections in your music. Oliver will cover equalization theory, practical application and the latest technologies utilized in the recording studio.

You will be very surprised at the level of sophistication and control that is available to improve your digital music. Gone are the days of treble and bass controls, replaced with  advanced algorithms surpassing any analog domain controls.

Amarra Symphony Will Prove The Point

To demonstrate the power and flexibility of this technology, we will be demonstrating the latest software from Sonic Studio: Amarra Symphony. With integrated equalization and automatic room correction, we are confident that you will be quite surprised by the level of improvement that can be achieved.

In a perfect world, music would be mixed perfectly and we would not need equalization. But the world is not perfect and audiophiles suffer from the results daily. With the improvements made in digital equalization and control, tools are now available to upgrade your listening experience from tolerable to enjoyable.

As always, space is very limited, so reserve your seat early.

C’mon, Give Amarra and Equalization A Chance!