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Time For A  Spin Party. It’s Two Below Honey….

Maybe that wasn’t exactly what Van Morrison wrote, but it sure applies to our weather. To me, I see nothing but upside. It is too cold to go to the grocery store, lets spin some records instead. It’s too cold to go to work, lets spin some records instead. You get the idea-let’s have a spin party.

As opposed to our September spin party where I had to really work to find new releases, this month I had too many to choose from. I have a lot of new titles in house and finding which to play is always a challenge. The only no-brainer in the bunch was the jazz title.  Our friends at Music Matters have been kind enough to provide us with Stanley Turrentine’s Jubilee Shout. it has the traditional high quality Music Matters artwork and sound. I am sure it will be a hit with the crowd.

Our classical release will be the famous Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsokov performed by Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony. This 33RPM reissue is one of the new RCA Shaded Dog titles coming from Analogue Productions and has been highly praised by music critics: Michael Fremer just gave it a “10/10”. I am pleased that this series in being done in 33RPM as opposed to 45RPM. As much as I like the sound quality, it can be distracting flipping records every 12 minutes, especially with classical music.  I am really looking forward to hearing the latest incarnation of this famous record.

We are filling out the remaining two recordings with rock/pop. First, Mobile Fidelity has remastered the famous Rickie Lee Jones debut LP (Chuck E’s in Love) at 45RPM. Everyone with a turntable already owns it and with good reason: outstanding music that was well recorded. Rumor has it that Mofi has hit a homerun with this release so lets give it a spin and and see if the rumors are true. Finally, we will be auditioning another LP from our old friend Neil Young. Yes, I know he laid an egg with his Psychedelic Pill LP last spring, but his latest release “Live from The Cellar Door” was recorded in 1971 and is part of his Archive Series. To date each Archive release has been fabulous-most notably Live At Massey Hall.

Baby it’s cold outside…but it’s hot in the listening room! Plan on attending the spin party on the 25th and give these titles a listen. Do you really have anything else to do? After all, it is too cold to go to the store.