Quick Spin-Lyle Lovett

By Paul Blizel

Back in 2012, Lyle Lovett was about part ways with his record label of 27 years-Curb Records. Before he could bid adieu, he needed to hand over one more record to them. That record was “Release Me”, a collection of songs that included only two songs penned by Lovett.

At first blush, one would assume this record is a train wreck. To my surprise, I really liked it. The record certainly isn’t as polished and well produced as Lovett’s other recordings, but there is something about the rough edges that is endearing to me.

To give you an example, I wanted to pass along Lyle Lovett’s take on the old Chuck Berry classic song “Brown Eyed Handsome Man”. Good for you Lyle, I am glad you didn’t mail it in for this record!