Event Details

When will this winter end? My guess is sometime in mid-june, but I am an optimist. In the meantime, we might as well get together and listen to some new music. This will be the last get together for the season because like it or not, the weather will start warming up soon and we will all be outside having fun. But don’t worry, we will be back next fall.

Mark Knopfler PrivateeringTo wrap up our season, we are continuing several themes that have developed this year. First, we have included several Dire Straits reissues this year, and this month we will spin Mark Knopfler’s new record “Privateering”. With Knopflers work ethic and history of great sounding records, I think it is safe to assume we will enjoy this record.

Grant Green Idle MomentsOur old friends at Music Matters have reintroduced a new series of jazz titles that we are excited about. Rather than mining the vaults for new jazz titles, they decided to go back to their biggest selling titles and reissue them at 33RPM and at a lower price. This month we will spin Grant Green’s Idle Moments, a fantastic record and line-up. We know that a well engineered 33RPM can knock our socks off, so lets see what Music Matters does for us with Idle Moments.

Moussorgsky Pictures At An Exhibition - ReinerWe loved the Analogue Productions reissue of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade last month so lets double down and see if they can do it again. This month we will play Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition by Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Orchestra. Like the Scheherazade, this is a 33RPM reissue of the well known RCA shaded dog release. If Pictures is anything like last months record, count on a dynamic presentation and huge soundstage.

Los Lobos kikoLast, we are very happy that Mobile Fidelity is reissuing Kiko from Los Lobos. Generally regarded as the bands best record, Kiko brings the best of the bands south-central hispanic rock roots and blends it with intelligent production and outstanding engineering to produce a real masterpiece. Unfortunately very few of us have experienced Kiko on vinyl because only one pressing was done and the record is both rare and expensive. A shame because the original vinyl release simply knocked the socks off of the CD. It took a while, but Mofi has come to the rescue and has remastered this gem. Perhaps you are not familiar with Kiko, but I am sure once you hear it, you will want  copy for yourself.

As always, we hope you can make it. Please sign up for our party and help us usher winter out and summer in with some hot music.

A special note: because so many people have asked to buy my spin party records, please contact me and I can order copies for you and have them waiting at the party-same price as the audition copies.