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Quick, what has seven arms and plays rock and roll? Easy…Def Leppard! (my deepest apology to Def Leppard for the lame joke). How about this one: What has four arms and plays rock and roll, classical AND jazz music? Even easier…the new Brinkmann Spyder turntable!

Made from key components found on other Brinkmann tables, the gestalt of the Spyder truly takes this table to a new level. At the heart of the table one will find the bearing utilized on the Balance turntable, a table regarded as one of the finest in the world. Built to incredible tolerance, this bearing employs a heating unit to maintain lubricant temperature and ensure friction free motion. The platter is borrowed from the popular Bardo and Oasis direct drive turntables. Made of a very dense alloy and topped with an ultra-flat machined crystal glass surface, the platter expertly maintains speed stability and drains undesired resonances from the playing surface. Driving the platter is the highly accurate Sinus motor taken once again from the Balance turntable. Together they form a table that is easily “best-of-breed” and leverages the years of experience at Brinkmann Audio.

Along with these key components, Brinkmann Audio set about designing a table that offered a fresh approach to turntable design with both performance and ease of use in mind. Engineered to utilize multiple tonearms, the Spyder employees a plinth-less design with user attachable legs allowing for quick and easy addition of up to 4 tonearms. To accommodate space restrictions, the legs can be positioned anywhere around the table allowing users to mold the table to fit the space available. Best of all, the highly coveted table stability found on other Brinkmann tables was maintained guaranteeing outstanding German engineered performance.

Curious about this unique turntable? Join us on November 22nd for the debut of the Spyder.  Andrea Brinkmann, President of Brinkmann USA will be with us to answer questions and share additional details about the Spyder. Featuring a stereo and mono tonearm set up,bring your favorite stereo and mono records along and hear it for yourself. We are confident the Spyder will knock your socks off!

Beatles-mono-smallWe are holding the Spyder deubt in conjunction with our monthly Spin Party, so plan on hearing a lot of great music at the debut. We will feature the new Beatles in Mono Box set and listen to selected cuts of both stereo and mono tracks from the Beatles. You decide for yourself which is better! The Spyder makes it all possible without the hassle of multiple tables.





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