Event Details

Sadly, summer is slipping away. I am personally in denial about the impending cold weather, but will acknowledge that it is time to start spinning records again. This season we will begin where we left off last spring, a “Bring Your Own Records” party. For those of you who attended last April, you know why….the party was a blast!

Normally, Analog Audio chooses 4 or 5 new or reissue titles for the Spin Parties, but last spring we mixed things up and invited attendees to bring their own records. The diversity of music was great and quite frankly, I forgot how great it is to listen to old favorites with friends. Always chasing the next hot record, I overlooked the wealth of music already in my library. With the new “Bring-Your-Own” format, look through your collection and grab something special to share. It doesn’t have to be the latest audiophile record, it can be a worn copy of T. Rex if that’s what you want to bring. The point is, bring music you want others to experience.

We haven’t toBeatles-mono-smalltally abandoned playing new music. This month we will feature the new Beatles in Mono Boxset. Quickly becoming a classic “must own” set, it was very popular at the Rocky Mountain Audio festival earlier this month. For those who have not heard the Beatles in mono, you are in for a real treat. This new boxset is a winner and you will be surprised how much different the music sounds when you hear it as the Beatles mixed their records: in mono.

This is also a very special Spin Party because we are debuting the new multi-tonearm Brinkmann Spyder. Andrea Brinkmann of Brinkmann Audio will be on-hand to demonstrate the unique design of this turntable not to mention hang out and listen to music. With the Spyder’s twin arms we will have both a mono and a stereo tonearm set up allowing us to do our own shoot-out of the Beatles in stereo and mono. It will give you a great opportunity to decide for yourself which format sounds best. To learn more, check out our Spyder Debut Announcement.

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