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Dimensions (W x H x D)

482 x 153 x 358 mm / 19 x 6.1 x 14.5 in


17kg / 37.5 lbs

Power Outlets

8 Star Grounded Power Outlets

DC Compensation

Active DC compensation without power limitation

Phase Indication

Phase indication of AC mains connector and sockets

Earth Conductor

Star grounded protective earth conductor

RF Filter

RF filters to filter distorting RF noise

Remote Input / Output


About our Power Management

The world is a big scary place and unfortunately you need to plug your stereo into it. We have an assumption that the power coming from our outlet is 120 volt clean electricity, but that simply isn't the case. The AC power you plug into is shared with everything else in your home *and* your neighbors homes. Everything plugged in uses power and introduces noise to the AC line, sometimes negligable and sometimes substantial. Any device with a motor (refrigerator, air conditioner etc) inject the most although surprisingly simple light dimming switches are notoriously bad. So when you plug your stereo in, not only do you get the power you need, you also receive the noise on the line decreasing dynamics and increasing the noise floor on the stereo. So what can we do about this? It depends, sometimes a small filtering power block takes care of the noise and sometimes full blown isolation transformers are required to eliminate the noise. Our team is experienced in evaluating your unique situation and making recomendations based on your need and budget. In any case, the result will be a much better listening experience.

When only the finest will do, choose Burmester Audio. Completely handmade in Berlin, Germany from hand seleted components, Burmester designs and builds products that set the standard to high fidelity. Synonomous with quality, even the finest European car makers contract Burmester to design and build audio products for their flagship automobiles. Unbeleive looks, engineering and sound make Burmester the clear solution for those who want to make an investment for outstanding sound designed to last a lifetime.

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