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Ground Control


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Standard Terminations

RCA, USB, XLR, Spade and 4mm Banana


Two available sockets


Six available sockets

About our Ground Management

Few audiophiles recognize the importance of signal ground in high fidelity equipment. Most believe that "ground is ground" and do not realize that *Earth* ground and *signal* ground are not the same thing. With the growing popularity of computer-based streaming, we are discovering that these products flood your systems' signal ground with high frequency noise which makes its way back into the audio circuit reducing dynamics and increasing noise. If you are using an active power conditioner and believe you are immune, you most likely are not. Very few solutions truly address ultra high frequency noise and as and your system may be suffering as a result. Thankfully, our partners at Computer Audio Design have the background and know-how to develop products targeting this noise and very effectively removing it from your system, even those with power conditioners. Their passive designs effectivley removes the noise from your system, improvng dynamics and the naturalness of the music. If you utilize digital products in your stereo system, we highly recomend evaluating one of our ground control products to experience the improvements for yourself. As a side note, although originally designed for digital products, if you are a vinyl person you MUST experience a ground control on your phono preamplifier! It really is something special.


Computer Audio Design designs uses its decades of experience in RFI/EFI research to design and develop products to eliminate noise from the audio signal ground on your audio equipment. Their unique approach passively filters unwanted energy giving you better dynamics and a more enjoyable listening experience.

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