Acoustic Geometry Curve System

MSRP: $249-$499

In use, I found Curves provide a very natural sound. The room feels tight without approaching that spaceship airlock vacuum thing. Before the Curves were installed, we had some flutter and slap back problems, but those are gone – Garrett Haines, TapeOp

Product Description


(All 42″ in height; custom heights available)


(All with MLV membrane) absorbs 40-300Hz, diffuses 300Hz-20kHz

  • Large:
    30″ w x 10″ d
  • Medium:
    21″ w x 7″ d
  • Small:
    13.5″ w x 5″ d

Absorbs 200-20kHz

  • 21″ w x 4.5″ d

Corner Trap:
(Medium Diffusor with corner trap) absorbs 40-300Hz, diffuses 300Hz-20kHz

  • 21″ w x 18″ d

Custom Sizes:
Custom sizes are available up to 4′ w x 16′ h


Analog Audio’s Thoughts On Acoustic Geometry Curve Products:

Acoustic Treatments suck. You know that too. Perhaps you haven’t said it out loud, but deep inside you are thinking it. Why? Because no matter what wonder products you buy to treat your room you have to accept trade-offs. Damp a mode and take along all sorts of life from the music. You keep chasing the modes and your room sounds worse. To me, the only thing worse than modes is our attempt to fix them. As I said, treatments suck…

It’s not that Acoustic Geometry Curve products are some miracle products, but I like the approach of the products. Rather than damping high frequencies while trying to tame low frequency modes, they diffuse frequencies above 250hz and very effectively damp lower frequencies. Most importantly, the diffusion is phase coherent, a point that almost everyone forgets when trying to tame their rooms. The result is a room that sounds…well, right. Our main gallery is decked out with Acoustic Geometry products and when visiting you will notice that the room is downright lively. Most clients assume they will hear echoes and all sort of nasty things when music is played. Far from it, every single person has commented that the room is outstanding. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

In our gallery, Acoustic Geometry products make our walls fall away and present a soundstage that is downright huge. This is easily proven by simply dropping the easily mounted curves off the walls as the music is playing. The soundstage shrinks and flattens. The diffusion does a great job of making our ears unsure of boundaries, hence the walls seems to fall away. Placing a pair at the first reflection point has the most dramatic impact. If you think an absorber at that position helps, wait until you experience a curve. Between the speakers in the front wall gives the soundstage serious depth. It is important to point out that the Curves do more than diffuse. Absorbing frequencies down to 40hz, the Curves act in an accumulative way to tame those bass modes-something wall panels can’t do.

Talk and cheap. Make an appointment to check out a set for a weekend and see for yourself what you have been missing. We are positive you will learn a lot about your own room and how you can make a positive impact. The Acoustic Geometry products are attractive, available in all sorts of colors and finishes and best of all, they work well. Contact us today to set up an appointment and listen to the curves for yourself.