Brinkmann 12.1 Tonearm

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Only one word really describes the way the Brinkmann 12.1 is built; the same word that describes how it sounds: exquisite… Roy Gregory – HiFi Plus

Product Description

Brinkmann 12.1 Tonearm Specifications


Distance platter center to tonearm bearing center292 mm
Effective length305.6 mm
Overhang13.6 mm
Cartridge mount1/2” connector, long holes
Minimum distance between mounting surface and platter top25 mm
Mounting depth30 mm
Cartridge weight min. 4, max. 16 g
Dynamic massca. 14 g
Total weightca. 350 g
Counterweight200 g
Included in Deliverytonearm with flying leads (unterminated), tools
Options tonearm w/ standard 5-pin connector (SME type)

The Brinkmann 12.1 tonearm demonstrates Brinkmann’s commitment to the pursuit of analog perfection. The Brinkmann 12.1 is more than a longer version of the famous Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm. Rather, it is a refinement of the 10.5 to improve geometric tracking errors that occur in all pivoting tonearms.

By definition, when a pivoted tonearm tracks a record, the cantilever is aligned perfectly with the record groove in only two places on the record. The remainder of the time the cantilever is slightly angled, or “offset” from being parallel with the record groove. The result of this offset is distortion. The longer the tonearm, the smaller the offset error and therefore reduced distortion. One of the inherent problems with longer tonearms is the increased mass of the tonearm and thereby making cartridge selection difficult. Also, because of the increased length, some turntables cannot accommodate 12″ tonearms.  Brinkmann has developed their 12.1 tonearm to have only 2 grams of additional mass thereby making cartridge selection much easier. Also, both the Brinkmann BALANCE and LaGrange support the 12.1 tonearm.

The Brinkmann 12.1 is not just a 10.5 with a longer armtube. Since any longer arm tube offers lower torsional stability and is more prone to resonances, Brinkmann had to implement quite a few structural changes to the 12.1.Brinkmann is confident that you will probably not notice any them at first sight as compared to the 10.5, and  proud of the fact that the 12.1 sounds more poised, relaxed and natural than the 10.5.

The Brinkmann 12.1 tonearm represents years of research and engineering. The results are clear: the 12.1 offers a more open and dynamic soundstage and better overall performance. If you are in the market for a new tonearm, take a look at the 12.1 tonearm. If you are considering a Brinkmann turntable, make a point of evaluating it with the Brinkmann 12.1 tonearm, you will be amazed at the performance of the package.