Brinkmann EMT Titanium Cartridge

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If you’re interested in adding a clean, accurate phono cartridge to your collection of same, but you’d like just a little more warmth and gushiness than the average these days, consider an EMT. If you want all that and more—even more texture, humanity, flow, and noiselessness in the groove—consider a Brinkmann EMT-Ti: That’s what the Titanium appears to be all about… Art Dudley – Stereophile

Product Description

The Brinkmann EMT-Ti cartridge is essentially an EMT, which then undergoes heavy modifications. The list of modifications includes a Van den Hul stylus, an aluminum mount with a resonance optimized contact patch (made of several layers of copper, titanium, beryllium, other special materials) and lastly Brinkmann’s special sound-optimized screws.

The Brinkmann EMT-Ti has been carefully optimized to sound its best with Brinkmann tonearms and turntables, although the cartridge is a world class performer and will work well with a large majority of tonearm and turntables. Either way, the Brinkmann EMT-Ti will reproduce records with uncanny musicality and unheard-of great sound.

We admit that Brinkmann isn’t the first name that comes to mind when considering a top shelf cartridge, but the Brinkmann EMT Titanium is an outstanding cartridge that deserves your attention. It is our reference cartridge and we get rave reviews in our gallery with this cartridge.