Brinkmann BALANCE

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The Brinkmann BALANCE reproduced the lightest, airiest, purest soundstages along with bottom-end weight, and did so without imparting the sensation of brightness or etch… – Michael Fremer

Product Description

Brinkmann Balance Specifications

Driveprecision ground round belt
Power supplyExternal power supply in solid state technology
BearingLubricated precision (hydrodynamic) journal bearing, quiet and maintenance-free
Platterweight 18 kg, Ø 316 mm, height 90 mm
planar polished crystal glass (recessed mounting)
Chassis15 mm Duralumin with resonance-optimized geometry
Arm boardMovable (rotating) without play for simple and precise tonearm adjustment, with quick release. Accepts all tonearms between 9 and 12.1″ as well as several linear tracking tonearms. Up to two available
ConnectorsRCA, XLR or feed-through for tonearms with 5-pin DIN connectors; DIN connector (3 pin) for umbilical cord of external power supply; 2 mm connector for ground wire
RPM33 1/3 and 45, selectable by a switch; LED indicator for speed (33 1/3 =green, 45 = red)
Dimensions550 x 400 x 140 mm
WeightTotal 33 Kg
Included AccessoriesGranite platform 440 x 310 x 30 mm
Optional AccessoriesTube Power Supply RöNt, Additional arm bases, Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm, Brinkmann 10.0 tonearm, Brinkmann 12.1 tonearm, Brinkmann EMT Ti MC cartridge, Brinkmann Pi MC cartridge, HRS platform & HRS record clamp

Analog Audio's Review of the Brinkmann Balance

The Brinkmann BALANCE has received many awards over the years including the “Millenium Award” from Image Hifi and the “Blue Moon” award from Brinkmann Audio has produced it for over twenty seven years and has continuously worked to optimize it. The BALANCE offers timeless beauty, high sound quality and perfection in workmanship.

The turntable is available in designs of black with brass accent and black with stainless steel accent.The BALANCE includes a 40mm dural turntable plinth, Brinkmann tonearm base machined specially for Brinkmann tonearms, 44lb. aluminum/lead/copper platter with elastomer-bonded crystal glass surface, record clamp, brushless AC motor, switch unit, power supply for both the motor and a bearing oil temperature control, tools for adjustment and cables.

Optionally available: tonearm bases for most tonearms, vacuum tube power supply and an HRS isolation platform.

By far the most precise component on the BALANCE is the bearing, in particular because of the requirement to drive the 44 lb. platter without any reeling. Brinkmann reduced temperature dependency of the material by adding an electronic temperature control to the bearing mechanism to guarantee smooth even turning of the table.

The turntable platter is made from a massive block of a special aluminum with very low resonance because of a mixture of lead and copper added to the aluminum. Finally, the 3-1/2″ platter has a crystal glass plate inserted as a surface matt which ensures a total absence of resonance. Because the crystal glass delivers such a smooth and even surface, the BALANCE includes a record clamp to guarantee safe and effective coupling of the record to the glass surface.

The motor with its switch unit is separated from the turntable. A motor control constructed specially for this turntable drives the Pabst motor electronically to the speeds 33 and 45, both adjustable . A precisely cut belt transfers the drive from the motor to the plate.

The turntable is delivered with its own power supply, but the optional RoNT II vacuum tube power supply brings even further sonic improvement.