HRS Damping Plates and Nimbus Feet

MSRP: from $110

Harmonic Resolution Systems’ products work, and work very well. They comprise a true system for addressing vibration and its deleterious effects on the performance of audio equipment — the most effective such system I’ve used. Marc Mickleson – Soundstage

Product Description

There are two primary noise paths that degrade audio and video signal quality. There is the structure borne vibration that is traveling through the structure and there is air borne energy traveling through the air to the component chassis directly.

The structure borne vibration is significantly reduced by use of Harmonic Resolution Systems audio stand frames and isolation bases. The air borne energy and resulting chassis noise is dramatically reduced by use of the Nimbus feet and Damping Plate Products. The Nimbus Products significantly reduce the noise levels on the bottom of the component chassis while the MKII and MKX Damping Plates significantly reduce the components top chassis noise level.

The HRS Nimbus System incorporates a highly effective design to eliminate component chassis noise revealing a new level of musical performance. They are precision manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum and proprietary HRS polymers. A very specific amount of mass, stiffness, and damping from these products eliminates chassis resonance problems and transforms residual chassis energy to heat. This is a special system utilized by audiophiles and industry professionals as their reference chassis noise reduction system.

  • Broadband noise reduction design maximizes performance
  • Effective on electronic chassis and speaker cabinets
  • Selection of sizes and heights allows system optimization
  • Proprietary polymers optimized from years of listening tests
  • High grip design creates very stable system
  • Separate Nimbus elements maximizes configuration flexibility

The HRS Nimbus system is placed between the shelf supporting your component the bottom chassis of the component (not the existing component feet). The Nimbus feet are available in several sizes to ensure proper positioning.

The HRS Damping Plate MKII and MKX is the latest in damping plate technology. It significantly reduces the negative impact of air-borne vibration on your audio or video component. The HRS Damping Plate should be placed directly on top of an electronic component chassis with the soft side (a custom formulated elastomer) of the damping plate in contact with the chassis surface. The greater the surface area covered by the damping plates the greater the improvement in audio/video performance.

HRS Damping Plates are produced in various sizes to allow you to create the optimum configuration for your component(s). All visible surfaces are made from a precision machined billet aircraft aluminum with a black anodize finish.