MSRP: from $1,850

Adding the HRS SXR improved my system’s focus and low level resolution, and lowered its level of background noise. Consumers, and manufacturers who, despite the trouble and expense, schlep the heavy MXR racks to HiFi shows, had told me to expect a greater sense of overall system coherence and solidity. Even so, what I heard from the SXR stand was far more profound than anything I’d anticipated. I am buying a Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR stand rack. Michael Fremer – Stereophile

Product Description

There are two primary noise paths that degrade audio and video signal quality. There is the structure borne vibration that is traveling trough the structure and reaching the component and then there is the air borne path that is coming from the energy in the room traveling through the air to the component chassis directly.

The structural borne vibration is significantly reduced by use of Harmonic Resolution Systems audio stand frames and isolation bases. The air borne energy and resulting chassis noise is dramatically reduced by use of HRS Nimbus and Damping Plate Products.

The HRS SXR Stand was developed based on technical concepts and technology derived from the reference level MXR Audio Stand frames. The SXR stand combined with Harmonic Resolution Systems isolation bases eliminates noise revealing a new level of musical performance. The modular frame concept is manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum with a resonance control system. The highly acclaimed HRS isolation bases load directly into the SXR stand frame as the shelf system. The SXR stand frame optimizes isolation base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. The SXR stand frame system is completely modular and can be expanded vertically or horizontally at any time. It is available in a 1 bay (amp stand) configuration up to an infinite number of bays for larger systems. The SXR  Stand can be reconfigured, expanded or contracted at any time by acquiring the additional parts of the system needed to make the desired changes.

The owner of the SXR stand can also change the component spacing of any system. Standard shelf spacing can be specified at 6 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches. This can also be changed in the future if the component size changes by ordering new strut lengths.