Luxman Audio C-1000f Control Amplifier

MSRP: $33,000

Product Description

Luxman C-1000f Preamplifier Specifications

Input sensitivity/
Input impedance
Unbalanced (LINE 1~3)
Balanced (BAL 1~3)
Output voltage/
Output impedance
Rated 1V/210Ω maximum 4.5V
Rated 1V/420Ω maximum 9.0V
Total harmonic distortion Unbalanced
0.0016% (1KHz)
0.0007% (1KHz)
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz
+0 and -0.1dB
+0 and -3.0dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Unbalanced
124dB (1kHz (IHF-A))
128dB (1kHz (IHF-A))
Input Unbalanced RCA (LINE 1~3)
Balanced (BAL 1~3)
3 systems each
Output Unbalanced RCA
2 systems each
Attachment Front panel Operation switch and power indicator
Input selector and volume
Dot matrix FL display
Output mode indicator
Balance phase change indicator
Rear panel Main power switch
Signal ground terminal
Remote output
Line phase sensor
AC inlet
Remote control functions Operation and input selector, volume up /down, mute
Output mode, balance, phase change and dimmer
Channel pre-setting, relative gain and input assignation.
Accessories Remote control, mains cable, cable for remote control (JPA-20000), & Owner’s Manual
Power supply voltage AC115V (50/60Hz)
Electric power consumption 28W (operating), 2.3W (stand-by)
Dimensions 440 (W) ×134 (H) ×429(D) mm
Weight 51 lbs. (NET)


Analog Audio's Review Of The Luxman C-1000f

Since 1925, Luxman has not been about mass production and outsourcing assembly offshore. Rather Luxman products are designed in Japan with each part being carefully tested & evaluated. Many parts are custom made for Luxman, one more reason that that make the Luxman C-1000f special. Even the transformers are made in Japan to their specification. Apart from the shared Power Supply, the amplifier section of the Luxman C-1000f is dual mono. Details as minute as the color paint used on the resistors (to identify value & tolerance) is based on extensive listening tests. The chassis is carefully tuned, both vibration and resonance carefully controlled; they perform like a musical instrument. Finally assembly & testing on the Luxman C-1000f is all carried out in Japan. The Japanese attention to detail is fantastic, the amplifiers come wrapped in a cloth shroud and the RCA & XLR sockets are protected from oxidation with individual plastic sleeves. Even the power cord is a cut above the normal give-away and actually sounds good. No wonder the Luxman C-1000f has achieved such a superior sound..

With over thirteen years in design, Luxman’s flagship control amplifier, the C-1000f has a custom attenuator, the Luxman Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator, also known as the LECUA 1000.  The LECUA maintains a pure musical signal for any one of its  72 volume settings, utilizing only two resistors in the signal path for each channel. The custom made resistors are individually fine tuned to maintain sonic purity. Luxman’s most advanced ODNF circuit is employed to further ensure sound quality. Finally, The LECUA 1000 is located next to the amplifier section in order to achieve a short signal path to minimize RFI and EMI interferences. To reduce mechanical vibration, all of the components are suspended from the exquisitely machined top-plate.

RJ11 connectors are used for the remote 12 volt DC trigger to power up or down the attached amplifiers.

Awards for the Luxman C-1000f:

Here is a list of the Awards the C-1000f won in Japan; among the highest awarded:

  • Sound                                     Silver Prize (2006)
  • Stereo Sound                         Grand Prix (2006)
  • MJ                                           Control Amplifier (2006)
  • Music Friend                           Annnual Most Excellent Component
  • Music Friend                           Special Selection September 2006