Luxman B-1000f Power Amplifier

MSRP: $55,000

As I think back about all of the amps I’ve heard, or at least the ones that come easily to mind, I can remember none that seemingly incorporates the strengths of them all better than the Luxman B-1000f. It has a fundamentally neutral signature, standard-setting bass depth and linearity, and doesn’t display obvious colorations that will cause you to revoice your system to overcome them. There’s no solid-state leanness or tubelike warmth, no bass bloat that gives the illusion of power, no zingy treble. There’s just an open window on the intrinsic sound of the recording, a sonic character that passes on the signal fed to it with great detail and dynamic expression.

– Marc Mickelson SoundStage

Product Description

Luxman B-1000f Specifications

  • Rated Output: 250W /8Ω, 500W /4Ω,
  • Peak Power:  1,0000W /2Ω, 2,0000W 1Ω
  • Input Sensitivity/ Impedance:  1V / 51KΩ RCA, 67KΩ  XLR
  • Output Impedance: 1V / 210Ω, maximum 4.5V RCA
  • Harmonic Distortion: 0.0007% (1KHz) Balanced
  • Frequency Response: DC – 150KHz (+0, -3 dB)
  • Nominal Voltage Gain: 32 dB @ 8Ω
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:   118dB (1KHz {IHF-A}) XLR
  • Power Consumption: 439W (rated power) 232W (idle), 0.7W (stand-by)
  • Dimensions: 16.9 (W) x 11.6 (H) x 23.3” (D)
  • Weight:  141 lbs. 240 lbs (shipping) each

Fifteen years in development;  in 2003  two years before it’s 80th Anniversary, the Luxman B-1000f was released to the public. The Luxman B-1000f flagship monoblocks are a showcase of what Luxman have achieved over the past eighty years. The Luxman B-1000f truly represents the absolute in sound reproduction and is prized by those who will settle for nothing less than the best.

In order to bring out the full potential of the loudspeakers, an amplifier must be able to cope with drastically fluctuating speaker impedance conditions. This can only be achieved by ensuring constant drive voltage at all times. In other words, the output impedance of the amplifier must be kept very low. This also makes it possible to absorb the counter-electromotive force generated by the voice coil, thereby eliminating a major source of inter-modulation distortion. With an amplifier that is stable into a 1 ohm load; there no need to worry about speaker/amplifier incompatibilities with the Luxman B-1000f.  With continuous output power of 2,000 watts into 1Ω,  they will easily drive the most difficult speaker loads.

Although developed initially in 2003, Luxman only began exporting the B-1000f amplifiers for the first time outside of Japan during 2007. In the short time the Luxman B-1000f amplifier has been on the market, it has been presented with several awards:

  • Sound                         Gold Prize
  • Stereo Sound            Grand Prix
  • MJ                               Technology
  • Music Friend              Power Amplifier Section
  • Radio Technique       Silver Prize
  • AudioPhile                 Audio Excellence – Gold
  • SoundStage (USA)   Reviewer’s Choice

The Luxman B-1000f Chassis base  has superb vibration absorption in order to suppress noise levels. The power transformer, electrolytic capacitors and amplifier output stage are laid out so as not to interfere with each other. To reduce interference further, the block construction isolates each section using shielding panels, and extensive internal filtering to reject magnetic flux interference.

The EI transformer, which was designed by Luxman, is wound with the 2mm thick flat OFC copper wire weighs 55 lbs ! The flat copper cable is insulated with paper, as it does not allow static electricity to build up. The flat cable has superior stacking capability over round cable. Each transformer is wound by hand and the cable is so massive and rigid that it needs to be hammered into its exact location. The output leads from the transformer are bolted directly to the solid copper Bus Bar to allow the music the shortest possible signal path, unimpeded by connectors or anything that could degrade the music even slightly.

Following in the tradition of its other custom parts and processes, Luxman has developed its own series of conductors for JPA-2000 power cables, used on the Luxman B-1000f. High purity 8 awg copper and extensive shielding to provide extensive rejection of RFI and EMI.  The elegant presentation, supple flexibility and indefatigable structure of Luxman power cables speak volumes about the attention to detail that went into their manufacture.

The Line Phase Sensor is a clever device found on the back of every Luxman powered product. Pressing the button will check the phase of the electricity it is receiving. If the AC outlet is incorrectly wired (live and neutral are inverted),  a red LED will turn on to warn you. You only need to press it once, when you are installing a product to check that everything is in order. It is a problem that occurs often, and one that can seriously undermine your listening enjoyment.

In order for an amplifier to multiply the signal cleanly, it first needs to receive clean electrical power. Luxman view the AC input with great concern, just as serious listening tests are applied to the power cables, so too is the AC inlet built to rigorous standards. With the Luxman B-1000f, the AC inlet starts with high purity brass which subsequently receives a non-magnetic nickel plating and finally gold-plating is administered in order to maintain resistance.

The Luxman B-1000f is world class amplifier worthy of the many awards won and more importantly, it is worthy to be on your short list for your search for your final amplifier. Contact us today to arrange for an audition.