Luxman PD-171 Turntable

MSRP: $6,495

The music blossomed into the room with stunning presence and lifelike scale. This was luxurious sound with a beautiful sense of space, natural attacks, and long, lovely decays. Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

Product Description

Luxman PD-171 Turntable Specifications

Drive MechanismBelt drive, reactive type synchronous AC motor
ElectronicsHigh precision oscillator amplifier
PlatterDiamond cut aluminum
Platter Weight5.0kg (11 lbs)
Rotation Speed33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm switchable (±4% adjustment)
Wow & flutter<0.04%
TonearmStatic balance with S-shape arm tube
Tonearm BearingBall races
Effective Length9"
Cartridge compatibility4 ~ 12g mass
Tracking error±1.9°~ -1.1 °
VTA Range39 to 60mm


  • Electronic circuit based on high output audio amplifier with built-in high precision 32 bit MICON signal generator.
  • Belt driven high torque synchronous AC motor
  • Equipped with handy LED reflected stroboscope for more accurate speed adjustment and confirmation.
  • Milled aluminum platter of 0.7tcm² super high inertia
  • Chassis built from 15mm aluminum panels with floating sub-chassis to eliminate structural and airborne vibration
  • AC inlet on back plate to accommodate detachable mains cables
  • Wooden plinth adding a touch of luxury
  • Non-resonant universal headshell made of aluminum magnesium alloy
  • Detachable OFC 5-pin DIN → RCA phono cable
  • Detachable 4mm acrylic dust cover.


The Luxman PD-171 is the powerful heart of any analog playback system. Its high output electronics offer impressive dynamics and resolution. A high torque synchronous AC motor drives a high inertia platter via a synthetic belt for smooth, seamless playback. The precision-machined spindle rests on a wide Teflon bearing to ensure frictionless rotation. The PD-171‘s statically-balanced custom Luxman tonearm glides smoothly on ball bearings for stable and reliable sound. The universal headshell allows easy cartridge replacement, and a detachable stylus light unobtrusively enhances visibility in a mood-lit room.

The PD-171 embodies Luxman’s long-standing philosophy: to utilize the most advanced technology through a conventional medium for unrivaled audio performance. The PD-171 reproduces any powerful musical achievement captured onto vinyl with the airiness and warmth that demanding analog enthusiasts have come to expect.

The PD-171 has numerous unique features that make this turntable stand out. A LED light on the front of the tables surface allows you to easily find your way around any record in a darkened room. The light is detachable to allow for even more flexibility.

Right in front of the platter is a large stroboscope window clearly showing the true speed of the platter. Rather than use typical lines to indicate speed stability, the PD-171 actually shows the numbers 33 and 45 in the window. Any speed deviation will cause the numbers to waver and a simple turn of the adjustment wheel sets the speed again.

The platter is massive coming in at almost 15mm thick and sets down into the plinth hiding the true size of the platter.

The included turntable cable is detachable and can easily be upgraded for improved performance. Likewise, the PD-171 includes an IEC connector for the power cable and can easily be upgraded.

Forming the vital part of an analogue playback system the PD-171 employs a high output oscillator circuitry coupled to a high precision, high torque synchronous AC motor that drives a high inertia platter via a synthetic belt for stable rotation.

The precision machined spindle rests on a Teflon bearing of large diameter to ensure frictionless rotation. The solid aluminum platter is recessed into the top plate to lower the center of gravity. Handles are provided to remove the platter, if it ever needs to be shipped.

The detachable headshell, allows one to swap cartridges and simply dial in the new tracking weight. Stereo & Mono cartridges  of the same model / manufacturer can of course be swapped out in a minute or two. An optional heavier counterweight is available for use with the Ortofon SPU cartridge / headshell.


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