Used PranaWire Nataraja Speaker Cable

MSRP: Used $2,750

What I can tell you about PranaWire is this; they are the most compelling and musically honest cables I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to, bar none. Greg Weaver-Positive Feedback

Product Description

PranaWire Nataraja Speaker Cable Specifications



Material99.9999 pure silver
Additional Metallurgical ProcessesChemical and Metallurgical Treatments
Dielectric24 layers of hand wrapped natural and proprietary materials
Drain MaterialCopper foil shields with 51 drain wires per shield
ConnectorPure Silver Spade
Cable Length1.5 meters

Rare Used PranaWire Nataraja Speaker Wire

A customer recently downsized and turned in equipment that was no longer needed and we all benefit! The equipment is both highly desirable and in some cases, rare like in the case of these PranaWire Nataraja speaker cables.

PranaWire Nataraja cables are well known for their open silkiness. All the detail is there, but presented in a very open, airy way. No listener fatigue with these cables. These speaker cables have very limited use and other than a couple marks on the silver spades, there are no marks on the cables.

Thinking of upgrading speaker cables? You will not find a better sounding speaker cable for the money. Why buy new when you can have PranaWire Nataraja cables at this price. Contact us today for details!