Synergistic Research Element Interconnects

MSRP: from $1,200

Are the Synergistic Elements the best cables that can be bought for the money? I have not heard all the cables out there, so I can’t say for sure. What I do know is that they make my music sound better than any of the many other cables I’ve tried in my system Howard Kneller –

Product Description

The Synergistic Research Element interconnects and speaker cables are my kind of cable. Easy to work with, fairly flexible, not too big and best of all sound outstanding. What else can a person ask for? My entire gallery is decked out with Element cables. We mostly use the Tungsten cables, but do use the Silver/Tungsten/Copper cables between the Audio aero Music Center and Line Stage. Our main system does not currently have the copper Elements, but that is only because of the synergy we have experienced with the other two. Our second system is now set up with a combination of Element copper and and active Basik interconnects and speaker cables. Again, with great synergy.

So what makes the Element such a great cable? Well, there are a number of reasons but probably the thing that stands out is the overall design. As discussed above, the Element cable is available in three metallurgical configurations: Copper, Tungsten (what?) and Copper/Tungsten/Silver combination. Each has its own personality and price points. For instance, the copper is the starting point for the Element cables and produces a very organic sound with the slightest hint of warmth. The tungsten cables throw an amazingly huge soundstage with lots of air and even-handed sound. The Copper/Tungsten/Silver combines the other two personalities and adds an inner-detail that is quite spectacular.

Each has its own personality, but they are all Synergistic Research cables built with the same overall structure and components. All Element cables use an Actively Shielded air dialectic, proprietary connectors, Quantum Tunneled and include the Enigma Bullet tuning system, so when you are listening to one of them, the difference in tonality is strictly the result of the conductors. Of course, with the Enigma Bullets the end user has even more flexibility tuning the cables to meet their exact needs.

Mix ‘em or match ‘em. The choice is yours. With the introduction of the Element series from Synergistic Research, users now have the ability to acquire reference quality cables that match perfectly with your audio equipment. Need some harmonic structure and body? Put in the copper Element. Need and extremely dynamic cable that doesn’t make your ears bleed? Toss in a Copper/Tungsten/Silver. With the Element Series, your system will be world class and tuned to perfection.