Synergistic Research Phono Cables

MSRP: $400-$2,995

Product Description

Vortex Analog Phono Cable

$400/1 meter add $100 for XLR or DIN

The Vortex cable is an outstanding value for those looking for top shelf performance at a reasonable price. Made of two dual vortex geometries, the Vortex provides a large open soundstage with excellent definition.

Tricon Analogue 20th Anniversary Phono Cable

$950/1 meter add $100 for XLR or DIN

Able to compete with the big boys, the Tricon phono cable takes your vinyl set up to the next level. Big, open soundstage with pinpoint accuracy, the Tricon guarantees everything in the groove gets to the electronics. Totally redesigned from the original Tricon, the 20th anniversary offers advanced features including:

  • New SR20 RCA connectors
  • Silver Matrix Alloy Ground Leads
  • 3rd¬†generation Quantum Tunneling
  • Flexible Construction
  • Available in: RCA, right angle & straight DIN, and XLR configurations

Element Reference Phono Cable

$2,995 /1 meter add $1,000 for XLR

Wow is the only word to describe the Element Reference phono cable. Competing with the finest phono cables in the world, the Element Reference takes your turntable to a whole new level. Detailed, yet extremely open and relaxed, you will be amazed at how much more there is in those grooves. Having tried a number of high end phono cables over the years, we consider the Element Reference the best we have heard in our reference system. The Element Reference features:

  • Pure Silver Conductors (Dual Core Geometry)
  • Element Air String Dielectric
  • New SR20 Connectors
  • Silver Matrix Alloy Ground Leads
  • 3rd¬†Generation Quantum Tunneling
  • Flexible Construction

Three phono cables to serve all vinyl fans out there. Whether you are just getting in to the hobby or you accept only the finest, Synergistic Research has the right phono cable for you. Contact us today to find the right cable to meet your needs.

Contact us about the Vortex phono, Tricon and Element Reference today!