Synergistic Research Powercell AC Conditioners

MSRP: from $1,500

I find the PowerCell not only doesn’t limit dynamics, it improves them as well as flow, and PRaT. It removes haze and blurring, as well as brings magic to your system’s soundstage…I concluded that the addition of the PowerCell made a bigger difference than a $20,000 upgrade in amplification had in my system. Jack Roberts –

Product Description

Analog Audio’s Thoughts On Synergistic Research PowerCell Products

I really enjoy loaning my Synergistic Research Powercell conditioners to my clients. Most are skeptical that any power conditioner can make much difference. Dedicated circuits, a history with other power conditioners or general disbelief of such products make the Powercell an unwanted product. So why do I like loaning it out to my clients? Because most of them call back to either apologize or thank me. They never imagined the Powercell would be so much better than their old conditioner or they are on cloud 9 because their system has been elevated to a new level. Whatever the reason, the Synergistic Research’s Powercell is one extremely cool product that makes a real impact on almost any stereo.

Available in either a 4 plug or 10 plug version (Powercell 4 and Powercell 10 respectively), it is one seriously effective product. I’ll admit that I was one of those “Doubting Thomas’s” when first introduced to the Powercell a few years ago. My gallery has a dedicated power panel, high-end audiophile outlets each on their own circuit with isolated grounds and good in-wall wire.  Up until that point no power conditioning products made much of a difference. That changed when I auditioned the Powercell 10, experiencing  blacker backgrounds, wider dynamic range and an impressive increase in inner detail. The Powercell seemed to act like window cleaner and clear the crud off of the window allowing me to see everything except the window glass.

One of Powercell’s unique features is that it does not constrain power like a traditional power conditioner making it both safe and desirable to use with high current draw equipment (e.g. amplifiers). Up until now, manufacturers recommended plugging their amplifier directly into the wall socket bypassing any conditioner.  Experience taught them that conditioners provide better quality power, but choked the amplifier creating more problems than what it solved. With the Powercell, users get the best of both worlds: unconstrained clean power.

We decided to find out for ourselves by plugging our Luxman amplifier directly into a Powercell 4 unit. Hands down, the system was more dynamic and musical. Likewise, we tested all of our electronics and never ran into a case with negative results. Interestingly, we discovered the improvement seemed to compound when combining other Synergistic Research’s cables.  Was it the common active shielding? The holistic design philosophy? We don’t know, but with each additional Synergistic Research cable in the chain, we experienced increased dynamics and clarity and a better soundstage.

When deciding on what products to represent, Analog Audio always shoots for “best-of-breed”. This is not done via online reviews and comments but through extensive listening tests. We liked a number of cables that we evaluated, but considered Synergistic Research to be the leader.  With the addition of their power conditioners, this was a slam dunk;  Best-of-the-best in all categories. That feat is rare in any industry and especially rare for audio products. We highly recommend all of Synergistic Research products to our clients. If you are wondering what impact the Powercell will have, give us a call and arrange for an in-home audition. Fair warning, you will not want to send it back.