Vitus RL-101 Preamplifier

MSRP: $12,500

We wanted to bring the magic of our products to a much wider audience, so we set about bringing the ‘Reference Series’ back to life. While more affordable, each product in this series is no less impressive in it’s ability to deliver music so convincingly. – Hans-Ole Vitus

Product Description

Vitus RL-101 Technical Specifications:

Product Type: Line Stage
1 x RCA
1 x XLR
Impedance 75 ohms
Height – 100mm
Width – 435mm
Depth – 377mm
Weight – 9kg
Power Consumption:
Standby – 30W
Operation – 30W
Model: Reference RL-101
x3 (L+R) XLR (Sensitivity 2/4/8VRMS / Impedance 10kohms / Slew Rate 1000V)
x2 (L+R) RCA (Sensitivity 2/4/8VRMS / Impedance 10kohms / Slew Rate 1000V)
Frequency Response +800KHz
SNR 110db
THD+Noise 0.01%
Volume Control:
Type – Relay controlled fixed resistor network
Gain – -91.5db to +18db
Other Options:
Phonostage module
DAC module

Download Vitus Reference RL-101 Specification Sheet


Analog Audio’s Thoughts On The Vitus RL-101 Preamplifier:

Vitus Audio represents the best-of-the-best in the audio world, albeit at a substantial investment. We were excited to hear that Hans-Ole Vitus had redesigned the Reference series of products with the goal of offering his world class audio products at a more attractive price point. The Reference RL-101 demonstrates this commitment and delivers a very impressive line stage. Offering a similar personality to it’s bigger brother, the Signature SL-102, the RL-101 delivers the “Vitus sound” without requiring a second mortgage.

The RL-101′s specifications are very impressive yet Vitus tends to undersell them. For instance, Vitus states on its website that the Reference RL-101 is “simply an upgraded version of the RL-100″, yet it does not use the battery power supply found on the RL-100. Instead, Vitus Audio designed the power supply using technology developed for the upscale Signature and Masterpiece lines which offers much better performance. The RL-101 is more than a model upgrade. It is an evolutionary design brought about by years of experience. The RL-100 is a fantastic line stage. The RL-101 takes a leap forward in technology and performance.

The Reference RL-101 also incorporates Vitus Audio’s well-known relay based volume control system. It is designed so that only one resistor is in series with the signal at any volume. What does that mean to you? Quite simply, there is no change in circuitry at any volume and that guarantees the same sound quality at zero or 100 percent volume. Listen closely at low levels, you won’t believe the sound stage!

Like all Vitus products, the RL-101 is designed and built utilizing modules. Not only does it give the interior a nice efficient layout, it also allows owners to easily upgrade their unit when Vitus Audio releases improvements. No need to send the system to a service center, turn a couple of screws and you are ready to go with the latest and greatest. What other product offers an owner a lifetime of non-obsolescence?

Finally, the RL-101 offers a number of single-ended and balanced inputs to meet your needs; we certainly haven’t run out of inputs yet. It isn’t a large unit measuring 4″ high by 17″ wide by 15″ deep, and we like that. It has a beautiful Scandinavian look and will fit nicely into almost any rack.

Like all Vitus products, we feel the Reference RL-101 is a winner. It is very competitively priced and offers the Vitus sound at less than half the price of its bigger brother. Although it is the starting point for Vitus Audio, it should be seriously considered for those looking to purchase their final line stage. It is really that good.