Vivid V1.5 Speakers

MSRP: $7,700

“If qualities such as resolution, speed and dynamics are important the V1.5’s should be your first audition at this price level. ”

“it’s more that they present all that detail and tonal neutrality in such a natural and unforced manner. We have no doubt that the Vivids’ organic way of handling dynamics – both small and large scale – has much to do with this.”

Product Description

Vivid V1.5 Specifications

Configuration: 2 way vented cabinet
Cabinet material: Complex loaded carbon fibre filled polymer
Finish: High gloss automotive
Drive units: 26mm metal dome hf unit 158mm metal coned lf unit
Sensitivity: 89dB/1w @1m
Nominal Impedance (Ohm): 8 Frequency range (hz): – 6dB points 40 – 42,000
Frequency response (hz): 42 – 39,000 +/- 2dB on reference axis Harmonic
distortion (2nd and 3rd harmonics): < .0.5% over frequency range
Cross over frequency (hz): 3000 Power handling (music program) watts rms: 150
Loudspeaker dimensions (H, W, D) in: 44.5, 10, 9.5
Net weight(kg): 23
Shipping weight(kg): 37 (each)


It is no wonder that the critics have referred to the Vivid V1.5  as groundbreaking and simply intoxicating. Using the same tweeter and midbass found in its big brother the B1, K1 and Giya series, the slim floorstanding Vivid V1.5 is anything but a monitor speaker system. Offering a two way speaker design built within a custom polymer enclosure with integrated base, the time aligned V1.5 seats the Vivid D26 tweeter within an integrated waveguide to control directivity and is coupled with the Vivid C125  midbass to produce a tight and deep image never seen before on such a small speaker. The extremely versatile Vivid V1.5 works well in many room conditions. While slated for small to mid sized rooms, we have blown AC/DC toting customers out of our 27×17 listening room. Giving the speakers “room to breathe” further enhances the presentation, but for those who are restricted in space, near wall placement does not diminish the sound. Well recorded material simply comes alive. The accuracy and cohesiveness of the Vivid V1.5 breathes life back into your music.

Talk is cheap. Read all the reviews and stop in to experience the Vivid V1.5 for yourself. You will be amazed at how accurate, yet relaxing the Vivid V1.5 speaker are.

The Vivid V1.5 features a 22 liter enclosure made of a carbon polymer which acts to reduce resonance and remove the speaker enclosure from the equation. Featuring WBT bi-wired connections in the base, all Vivid products work best with banana plug speaker wire connectors, although spade will work. The stainless steel reinforced base system contains the speakers connections along with Van den Hul wiring. Although available, the Vivid V1.5 normally does not use a grill cover so care must be given to protecting the aluminum alloy midbass driver and tweeter which is protected with a simple cross brace.

The Vivid V1.5 uses the C125 aluminum ally driver for frequencies up to 3kHz. Unlike many speaker companies, Vivid Audio designs and manufactures its own drivers, ensuring perfect integration into it’s speaker designs. Unlike traditional speaker designs, the Vivid V1.5 drivers are not attached to the front baffle. Rather, the driver is mounted to the rear panel and a silicone gasket is employed to seat the driver to the front baffle, further eliminating cabinet resonance and improving imaging and transparency.

These beautiful speakers are more than a pretty face.  The Vivid V1.5 speakers offer the latest technologies and include a number of Vivid Audio patents including:

  • Super Flux Magnet on the D26 Driver
  • Centenary Dome on the D26 Driver combined with a carbon fiber stiffening ring
  • Hyper Perforated Voice Coil Formers on the C125 woofers
  • Exponentially Tapered Tube Loading
  • Highly Aligned Chassis