VTL Amplifiers


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Stereo Amplifiers

ST-85, ST-150, S-200, S-400 II

Monoblock Amplifiers

MB-125, MB-185 III, MB-450 III, Seigfried II

About our Amplifiers

Selecting the right amplifier is 50 percent science and 50% art. On one hand, product specifications are critical. They provide a baseline for which all ampifiers can be compared. But specifications cannot tell you if it will sound good or bad in your home stereo. Every amplifier will have a distinct personality and unique sound in your stereo. You see, good amplifiers are more than just specifications, they are *voiced* by the maker to acheive the tonal sound they desire. Your idea of "good sound" may not match the criteria used by a manufacturer and consequently you most likely would not enjoy it no matter how impressive the specifications were. We have evaluated many brands and have chosen a limited number which we feel provide the best performance for each price range. We can demonstrate our products and guide you through the process of determing which one is right for you.

World famous for its well designed and impeccable sound quality, VTL designs and manufactures products based on over 25 years of experience and with a keen eye on style and performance. Focusing their product offerings to tube based systems, VTL products give you the beautiful sound reproduction that tube equipment is famous for along with unequalled engineering and reliability.

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